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What our children say

What our children love about Woodcroft

“I like sitting on the wooden train and I like climbing on the mountain”

“I like playing with my friends.”

“I like playing with the playdough. I can make cupcakes and robots; big robots and tiny robots.”

“I like to play with Lego; I like making towers. I like playing in the mud: I can make ice-creams.”

“ I like going on the swing and the slide. I can play with all the toys.”

“ I like playing with the children.”

“ I like drawing outside and drawing inside. I like playing with the kitchen. We can make food for the babies.”

“I like the big red bike. It goes fast.”

K used a communication board to point to the cars and trains to show what he likes to do at nursery.

“ I like making cupcakes with the playdough.”

“ I love Bucket Time.”

“I like going on the slide the best and I can also make a hedgehog out of clay.”

C pointed to the rope and demonstrated going around to show what she liked to do at nursery.

“ I like going down the slide and climbing up again.”

“ I like reading books and playing with the doll’s house.”